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Voluntary Ag District

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Wilson County approved an ordinance to allow Voluntary Agricultural Districts (VAD) in 2004. Since then, we have had some farms entered into the VAD. The Wilson County Agriculture Advisory Board oversees the VAD. If you are interested, this is a great time to submit an application.
Why designate your farmland as a Voluntary Agricultural District?
  1. To promote agriculture and preserve farmland.
  2. To increase countywide recognition of and pride in the agricultural community.
  3. To encourage the economic health of agriculture
  4. To increase the protection of agriculture from non-farm development and nuisance lawsuits.
  5. Receive a VAD road sign.
To be eligible the farm must meet 4 criteria:
  1. Be participating in the farm present use value taxation program.
  2. Be certified by the NRCS of the USDA as being a farm on which at least 2/3 of the land is composed of soils that are best suited for providing food, seed, fiber, forage, timber, forestry products, horticultural crops and oil seed crops OR been actively used in agricultural, horticultural or forest operations for the previous 5 years.
  3. Be managed, if highly erodible land exits on the farm, in accordance with the NRCS defined erosion control practices.
  4. Be the subject of a conservation agreement between the county and the owner of such land that prohibits non farm use or development of such land for a period of 10 years.
If you have any questions, call Norman Harrell, County Extension Director, Wilson County. 252-237-0111.
Note: Farmland can be removed from the VAD by request.
Click VAD application link for the Wilson County VAD application.
For more information about VAD: NCDA Voluntary Agriculture Districts

See below for a map of the Wilson County Voluntary Ag District.
Wilson County Voluntary Ag District GIS layer