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Order Your 4-H Shirt Today!

Everyone needs a new 4-H tee shirt, long-sleeved tee, or hoodie!  Order yours today. For more information along with the order form, click here: // Orders are due by September MORE »

Hopper burn damage from potato leaf hopper on red maple

Maple Nursery IPM Update popular

I had several questions related to problems with maples last week. In the process I noticed damage from maple spider mite, hopper burn (potato leaf hopper), maple shoot borer, anthracnose, and canker diseases. MORE »

Azalea Leaf Miner Adult Moth

What is Azalea Leafminer? Nursery Pest Alert! popular

May 18, 2016 While visiting eastern NC nurseries last week an insect called the azalea leafminer, Caloptilia azaleella, was mentioned. The next day I receive an email from a county agent requesting a nursery MORE »

summer 4h meme

2016 Wilson County 4-H SUMMER FUN Camps!

Are you ready for exciting, educational, and adventurous summer with Wilson County 4-H? We have a camp for everyone! Summer Fun Packet 2016 4-H EnrollmentMedical Forms Registration will take place on Wednesday, April MORE »


4-H County Presentations!

It’s time to start creating and practicing your 4-H public speaking presentation!  Anyone ages 5-18 can participate!  We will hold times to present on April 12-14, from 2-7pm. Any topic you can imagine MORE »


Wilson County 4-H Sponsors Science Fair

Enjoy science?  Want to do a science experiment?  Wilson County 4-H is sponsoring a SCIENCE FAIR on April 13-14, 2016.  Come out and share your latest experiment!  Open for all young people ages 5-18. MORE »


2016 Wilson County 4-H Chick Chain

Peep, Peep 4-H’ers…It’s that time of year again!   Attached you will find several pages of information regarding the Wilson County 4-H Poultry Show & Sale 2016   Please DOWNLOAD & READ ALL the information carefully for important details & dates. MORE »

Winter Gardening Concerns

Sometimes gardeners forget that plants, specifically evergreens continue to take up moisture in the winter. Evergreens are plants such as junipers, leylands, pines, cypress, hollies, etc. When the ground is frozen or during MORE »


Don’t Miss Master Gardener Training in 2016

Cyndi Lauderdale, Ext. Agent December 21, 2015 The Extension Master Gardener Volunteer program, a joint effort of North Carolina Cooperative Extension and volunteers, was created to meet requests from home gardeners for horticultural MORE »

Storing Winter Squash and Pumpkins

Whether you grew pumpkins and winter squash or if you are purchasing pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving there are ways to prolong their shelf life. The key is to slow the rate of MORE »

Azalea Caterpillars

Now is the time for the arrival of azalea caterpillars for this year. Azalea caterpillars, Datana major, are among our most attractive caterpillar species. These are one of our largest and most colorful MORE »


4-H Clover Quarterly Newsletter

Wilson County 4-H has a lot going on!  Check out the latest newsletter for all the upcoming events and announcements.  Read carefully for an opportunity to win a gift card! CLOVER MORE »

Fall Vegetable Gardening Starts Now

It may not seem like fall but now is the time to start planting cool-season vegetables. Planting a fall garden will extend the gardening season. July and August are the main planting times MORE »

Quarantine of Emerald Ash Borer

There are 12 counties in North Carolina under quarantine now for the Emerald Ash Borer. To see the press release from NCDA&CS visit For more information on the Emerald ash borer and MORE »


Times have changed in North Carolina. For the past 20 years I have been advising clientele that moles were an endangered species. This meant you could not kill moles; only kill their food MORE »