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Christmas Tree Care

CHRISTMAS TREE CARE Many homeowners are in the process of selecting a cut Christmas tree.  Christmas trees purchased are typically fir, spruce, or pine.  Locally grown Christmas trees may be Leyland Cypress, Arizona MORE »


Caterpillars While I was resting over the Labor Day weekend, others were not, including the caterpillars eating my cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. The rainy spring and summer have produced a bounty MORE »

Wilson County Green Association

The Wilson County Green Association will meet on Tuesday, September 17 at Parkers BBQ, HWY 301 at 6 PM.  Our guest speaker will be Trooper CR Bridges on DOT Regulations and Safety designed MORE »

What Is Happening To My ?

What is happening to my ? Phone calls this summer have typically started with “what killed” my plant.  Leyland cypress and dogwood trees have seemed to be the hardest hit this summer.  Most MORE »

Rain Increases Pests

Rains Increase Pests The heavy rainfall that has occurred has forced a lot of common pests out of their typical habitats and is contributing to surges in populations. Millipedes are trying to keep MORE »

Growing Squash, Cucumbers and Pumpkins with IPM

Growing Squash, Cucumbers and Pumpkins with IPM webinar will be held on Friday, Aug 2 from 12:30-2:00 PM for anyone interested in growing these plants in a home garden using integrated pest management MORE »

Growing Together

August Publication: September Publication:  MORE »