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Caterpillars While I was resting over the Labor Day weekend, others were not, including the caterpillars eating my cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. The rainy spring and summer have produced a bounty MORE »

Wilson County Green Association

The Wilson County Green Association will meet on Tuesday, September 17 at Parkers BBQ, HWY 301 at 6 PM.  Our guest speaker will be Trooper CR Bridges on DOT Regulations and Safety designed MORE »

What Is Happening To My ?

What is happening to my ? Phone calls this summer have typically started with “what killed” my plant.  Leyland cypress and dogwood trees have seemed to be the hardest hit this summer.  Most MORE »

Rain Increases Pests

Rains Increase Pests The heavy rainfall that has occurred has forced a lot of common pests out of their typical habitats and is contributing to surges in populations. Millipedes are trying to keep MORE »

Growing Squash, Cucumbers and Pumpkins with IPM

Growing Squash, Cucumbers and Pumpkins with IPM webinar will be held on Friday, Aug 2 from 12:30-2:00 PM for anyone interested in growing these plants in a home garden using integrated pest management MORE »

Growing Together

August Publication: September Publication:  MORE »

Protecting Plants from Cold Damage

While our temperatures for the most part stay warm in Wilson we do need to remember the plants in our winter garden.  Winter protection does not mean to keep plants warm, but to MORE »