January 29, 2019 NC Greenhouse PourThru Workshop, Raleigh, NC

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Image of plantsJanuary 29, 2019, NC Greenhouse PourThru Workshop for ornamental greenhouse growers will be held in the classroom in the Horticulture Headhouse at the Horticulture Field Lab in Raleigh. Learn why a pH and EC monitoring program is important, how to set it up, the equipment required, and the steps for testing. You can even bring some of your own plants for testing that day! As mentioned on the flyer it is limited to the first 25 participants so contact Danny Lauderdale before mailing in registration. A link to a detailed map or instructions will be provided to those registered. Thanks to Dr. Brian Whipker for organizing the workshop educational sessions. The registration flyer can be found here: 2019 NC Greenhouse PourThru Workshop Flyer