School Enrichment for Wilson County

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As an educator you might be teaching in a public or private school or could be a home school parent in search of curricula that will assist you in teaching to the Department of Public Instruction Essential and Common Core Standards.

We offer in-school and after-school programming for you and your classroom. These programs are free of charge and offer hands-on learning for your students that tie in with your set objectives.

4-H school enrichment projects are:

  • A cooperative effort between the school and 4-H
  • Free of Charge (for most materials)
  • Tied to NC Standard Course of Study

4-H School Enrichment Opportunities 2019-20


All teachers participating in North Carolina School Enrichment Programs must complete report and evaluation forms for accountability purposes as required by North Carolina Cooperative Extension and/or the State Department of Instruction.

The 4-H name and emblem are held in trust by the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States Department of Agriculture for the educational purposed only. The 4-H name and emblem may be used only by authorized representatives of USDA, the land grant universities, and the North Carolina Cooperative Extension.

For more information, please contact Jessica Manning, Extension Agent–4-H Youth Development, at or 252-237-0113.

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