Crapemyrtle Bark Scale Pest Alert!

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Crape Myrtle bark scale on tree

Crapemyrtle bark scale on trunk during winter. Photo by Sarah Watts.

Unfortunately Currituck County, NC has a confirmed identification of crapemyrtle bark scale. Samples were collected by Sarah Watts, Extension Agriculture Technician, and confirmed at the NC State University Plant Disease and Insect Clinic by Dr. Matt Bertone, Extension Associate. More information about identification can be found on this NC Department of Agriculture Pest Alert Link. There are also many resources available at: Many researchers are working on management strategies. Stacey Jones, Area Specialized Agent – Central Region and Matt Lenhardt, Iredell County Horticulture Agent authored this article in the Fall 2017 edition of NCNLA Nursery & Landscape Notes. It is important to report suspected crapemyrtle bark scale to N.C. Cooperative Extension or NCDA&CS.

Crapemyrtle bark scale female on leaf

Crapemyrtle bark scale female on leaf during growing season with felt cover removed. Photo by Matt Bertone.

Crapemyrtle bark scale on twig

Crapemyrtle bark scale on twig. Photo by Matt Bertone.