Green June Beetles on the Horizon

— Written By N.C. Cooperative Extension


Green June Beetles on the Horizon

             Since Japanese beetles have appeared, green June beetles are not far behind. Adequate rainfall will not be delaying the beetles this year. Don't be surprised if they begin appearing this week. These beetles are metallic green and four times the size of Japanese beetles.

Despite the buzzing around turf, green June beetles do little harm to plants and no harm to people. Though there are possible control measures available for turf (later in the season), this is rarely justified in residential turf.  Adults are sometimes a problem in fruit trees and vines. Adult populations should start to decline after two weeks and they should be gone after three to four weeks. Patience is the best recommendation.

When we talk about beetles we also need to discuss grubs and moles.  Contrary to what most of us have learned, moles tend to feed more on earthworms than grubs. The automatic application of a grub killer to control moles is generally not recommended. If the presence of earthworms is an indicator of good soil, then the presence of an earthworm predator would suggest that worms are present.

Grub killer applications may have reduced the presence of moles because the insecticides were killing grubs and worms, and most other arthropods in your soil. If you have mole tunnels in your lawn, it is probably due to a healthy lawn and earthworm population rather than a large grub population.


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